venting.. A LIFE UPDATE

2019 3 ژوئن
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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️

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  • Why is it rude to ask someone if they’re pregnant?

    Tania casillasTania casillasپیش 2 ماه
    • Tania casillas if you ask someone if they’re pregnant and they aren’t pregnant they take it as in you saying that they look more fat something like that

      Jasmine PorruaJasmine Porruaپیش 2 ماه
  • So crazy rewatching this. I was sick all the time too during the first trimester and I am pregnant with a girl. I lost about 18 lbs from how bad it was. Im in the second trimester and have gained maybe like 3-4 lbs back.

    Johanna JimenezJohanna Jimenezپیش 3 ماه
  • Alex face 😭 so cute que si quiere algo de sonic

    Maribel A RMaribel A Rپیش 3 ماه
  • I’m 7 months pregnant and when I twerk for fun as a joke for like .8 seconds my baby kicks me !! I play thotiana I’m the car and she starts moving like who gave her permission?!!!

    Jocelyne Sal.Jocelyne Sal.پیش 5 ماه
  • Love coming back to re watch your videos 😭😭♥️

    Jasmine FloresJasmine Floresپیش 5 ماه
  • Baby number 2 is coming soon during this quarantine! 😬😬😬😬😬

    Kimberly CorralKimberly Corralپیش 6 ماه
  • I hated chocolate shakes and I craved nothing but chocolate shakes during my pregnancy.

    Nicoya_BeautyNicoya_Beautyپیش 6 ماه
  • “I went to take my nashia pills” **nausea** 🤣

    Maléna Valentin- PatricioMaléna Valentin- Patricioپیش 7 ماه
  • Who else is binging Les’s videos while in quarantine 😩

    Tia kee keeTia kee keeپیش 8 ماه
    • Me too!! Lol

      Vicky RojasVicky Rojasپیش ماه
    • 🙋🏻‍♀️ me. Haha

      Imma MammaImma Mammaپیش 6 ماه
  • I’m watching this after Elsy’s pregnancy reveal. It’s funny how they both dislike wings after they got pregnant.

    Jessica RamirezJessica Ramirezپیش 9 ماه
  • Damn man every good female deserves an Alex 😔. Yo quiero 💔💔😖

    Jissell CantorJissell Cantorپیش 9 ماه
  • I waited to say i was pregnant for a couple of months and had a preterm labor at 4mnths and my baby passed away after she was born. It just depends u can waite or not somethin can happin.

    AshleyAshleyپیش سال
  • "Hate hate hate" -the Grinch

    Josiee GoldJosiee Goldپیش سال
  • Alex is sooo adorable!😊😻 you can just tell how happy and excited he is... It just melts my heart. Soo happy for you guys! 💙

    Josiee GoldJosiee Goldپیش سال
  • So I know I’m late to the party, but it’s so funny that you mentioned that you stopped craving the things you love. And the things Alex doesn’t like. I LOVE coffee, and my husband doesn’t. Both times I was pregnant I couldn’t stand even the smell of it. It’s like anything he didn’t like, my daughters didn’t either lol.

    86Syrah86Syrahپیش سال
  • Omggggg i just discovered your channel im legit watching all your videos♥️

    Cheeks CarpinteyroCheeks Carpinteyroپیش سال
  • Pa.. pa.. pa.. THE Grinch !!

    shaniqua johnsonshaniqua johnsonپیش سال
  • I’m a mommy of 3 my first pregnancy I had sooo much morning sickness (all day sickness) but with my other 2 I had such an easy pregnancy !!

  • My period is late, for 14 days I have little cramps tho? And my breasts are Softly sore and my hair is falling out ? Can that be a symptom?

    Yareli HernandezYareli Hernandezپیش سال
  • Les can you make a Pregnancy symptoms / achaques Q&A please!!!!!

    Yareli HernandezYareli Hernandezپیش سال
  • My pregnancy craving was ice😭😂 and now my baby boy is already one!!!❤️

    Miriam EspinozaMiriam Espinozaپیش سال
  • I just started watching you and you are amazing and interesting hoping good things through out your whole life💗

    Makaila BarryMakaila Barryپیش سال
  • Why did I start crying when Alex said “I’m gonna be a dad” 😭 I know I’m late to the party and only recently started following you but I seriously freaking love y’all!!! 💗💗

    Vanessa MendozaVanessa Mendozaپیش سال
    • Vanessa Mendoza you’re not alone, I just started fallowing Les and Alex both last week. I have watched almost every video she has up, and Alex has up on his channel too. I love them. They’re so adorable!

      Estrella SanchezEstrella Sanchezپیش سال
  • Congrats babygurl ❤️❤️

    Crystal •DominiqueCrystal •Dominiqueپیش سال
  • Girl take some unisom with v6. When I was pregnant I was like you I was literally throwing up everything I ate my whole pregnancy but when I took those two things together it went away completely. It was the only thing that helped

    mariaarredondo99mariaarredondo99پیش سال
  • Congratulations!!! You're going to be a great mom! 💙

    Tania SanchezTania Sanchezپیش سال
  • Lmaooo she used to love wings 😂❤️ specially buffalo wild wings

    Leyla GalvanLeyla Galvanپیش سال
  • Definitely not a bad luck good luck thing. Im sure everyones already said it but its just that pregnancies are at high risk of not "falling through" in the first trimester. In fact many doctors will tell u to wait until after the first three months to even tell anyone aside from your partner that u are pregnant.

    cortezyvonnecortezyvonneپیش سال
  • 2 days Before I knew I was pregnant I went to buffalo wild wings and I hated it!! It’s awful to love wings and not to be able to eat it!! I TOTALLY understand you! Now i’m in my 3rd trimester and nauseas haven’t gone away 😢 Just wanted to comment!! I’m really really happy for you and Alex!

    andrea donjuanandrea donjuanپیش سال
  • @lesdomakeup I was so nauseous for all of my pregnancies and the only thing that help me were some bands that i wore that helped me sooooooo much. They pushed on my pressure points on my wrist which is what i found out kept me from being so sick.

    Dee Gee VloggingDee Gee Vloggingپیش سال
  • When she was explaining how she had to pick up her boobs, I died!! 😂😂😩 but that was my first symptom that I noticed too when I found out I was preggo lol

    V GV Gپیش سال
  • I agree with keeping the pregnancy to yourself and the myth also it’s nice to just enjoy the pregnancy with just you and your partner like your own little secret and enjoy and be happy. But as a person who has lost two babies it also makes me sad that know one knew my child existed until they were gone. So I agree it’s a personal choice to hold it or reveal it. But I do keep it until after the 3rd month /12 weeks. Soo much love for you and Alex les!! I cry watching all your pregnancy videos.

    NanaLyne23NanaLyne23پیش سال
  • I just started watching your channel & I think I’m 8 weeks rn & it looks to seem that we are going through the process of this pregnancy almost near the time ☺️ have a safe pregnancy !! I don’t feel so alone going through the pregnancy while watching your videos ! ☺️

    Kairy RomoKairy Romoپیش سال
  • The moment Alex walks in with such a big smile on his face and looks at the camera like he's yelling inside saying they're pregnant 💖 Congratulations to you guys, you will be such great parents! Wish you guys nothing but the best and great blessings! 💕

    Adylene DeJesusAdylene DeJesusپیش سال
  • Girl the way Alex looks at you is the freaking cutest !!!

    Ana Angel- MercadoAna Angel- Mercadoپیش سال
  • Omg were literally 3 days apart I'm due in Dec 26 2019 and also I cant stand 🍗🤢

    L O L I Z R ML O L I Z R Mپیش سال
    • Loliz Rivas aww goodluck!

      evelyn mevelyn mپیش سال
  • Im so happy for you babygirl may God keep blessing you more and more!!! ❤️❤️

    Alicia LealAlicia Lealپیش سال
  • Your due date will be march 1st 2020. @lesdomakeup

    Rubie MirandaRubie Mirandaپیش سال
  • Congratulations

    ogBuddhaLokoogBuddhaLokoپیش سال
  • I had nausea till i was 7 months 🤢🤮 but the gum helped lol

    Daisy GaleanaDaisy Galeanaپیش سال
  • Try chewing some spearmint or mint gum! It helps with the nausea well for me it did

    Daisy GaleanaDaisy Galeanaپیش سال
  • felicidades Les, mis mejores deseos para ti y Alex ❤️ & little baby girl or baby boy ❤️

    Móniqka OrnelasMóniqka Ornelasپیش سال
  • Aww happy for you, I recently found out I had a miscarriage at 14 weeks this was gonna be our first. Congratulations girl

    Brandy MierBrandy Mierپیش سال
  • December 26th? 🤔

    Kaelin RoseKaelin Roseپیش سال
  • I just wanna say I just found you channels.. Yes thank you.. It is never okay to ask that question.. And yes, it may not be true or maybe it is. But to be safe I didnt tell anyone when i was pregnant till i knew i would be having pictures of baby and hear a heartbeat. Love the tank baby girl😁 I need a few.. So happy for you an Alex. You guys are the cutest❤ nothing but good vibes for you and your baby

    Fatima GramajoFatima Gramajoپیش سال
  • Congratulations girl, hope you enjoy your pregnancy..I have 4 kids and my 1st pregnancy was so bad, any type of plug in smell or fragrance any spices or meats I ate I threw up.. I looked awful and was so tried all the kids is now 13 and he hates smells and is the biggest pickiest eater ever.. I don’t even know how’s he as survived all these years. My 2nd pregnancy I was so so hungry all the time...I would eat and be full, and a few minutes later I was so hungry.. my 3rd and 4th pregnancy were great...

    Micaela GuerreroMicaela Guerreroپیش سال
  • Girl I am so happy for you guys. Congratulations!! & I am glad I am not the only one lol for me it NEVER got better. Some days are better then others & it gets crazy! I am due Sept 23rd Hope you arnt sick like me :)

    Alondra TrujilloAlondra Trujilloپیش سال
  • That is good that you and Alex were able to enjoy the first trimester with out the pressure and negative vibes and all that I’m so happy for you all and I understand everything your venting about ❤️ sending you all positive vibes and blessings your way

    Mary IbanezMary Ibanezپیش سال
  • Bro u talk entirely too much the first like 5 minutes was so repetitive

    seven rueseven rueپیش سال
  • Congratulations again girl!! So happy for you!!

    Guadalupe ValenzuelaGuadalupe Valenzuelaپیش سال
  • .....girl everything your explaining is exactly how I was when I was prego in the beginning. But girl mine kept on coming. But I hope yours gets better girl love you so so much. I think your having a girl I had my baby girl Hazel Nevaeh Martha flores last year on may 💕💕💕

    Shayla ChavezShayla Chavezپیش سال
  • I never actually threw up during my pregnancy but my nausea was so bad I couldn’t even talk or I would gag and want to throw up but always caught myself fast enough to hold it down. Sour candies help with nausea. I ALWAYS HAD A BAG OF SOUR LEMON DROPS AND IT HELPED SO MUCH

    LEXLEXپیش سال
  • My pregnancy was horrible I was nauseous through the nine months , I bought mommy preggo pops they help me out so much and drink a lot of water 😘😘

    Rosie RojasRosie Rojasپیش سال
  • Would wow face everybody

    Kristal. YouTube RiveraKristal. YouTube Riveraپیش سال
  • It’s okay to be tired and feel exhausted 👌🏻

    Jessica CantuJessica Cantuپیش سال
  • Omg girl ! When I found out about my first pregnancy I was 6 weeks and I couldn’t hold ANYTHING down and didn’t have appetite for anything I would literally feel how you explained it my body felt miserable 😭 & it was through out my whole pregnancy my nausea ! they say with boys you suffer more and I had a boy 👦🏻 & now with this 2nd pregnancy I just found out about two weeks now and I crave stuff and literally I feel a bit of appetite so thank god for that but I’m just fingers crossed because I hope it’s not my whole pregnancy this time ! I hope you get through it though ! 💖 with safe pregnancy and delivery! I thought I wasn’t going to make it my whole 9months of sickness & without epidural and eso que I weighed 96 pounds that’s how skinny I was . ☹️ but I gained a bit of weight after 2yrs now but hopefully with this pregnancy I stay a size 2 or go up a size 3 lol !

    J DiazJ Diazپیش سال
  • It's a boy💙

    Paola DominguezPaola Dominguezپیش سال
  • alex “hi guys”😂😂😂😂😂

    Aaliyah Marlen RiveraAaliyah Marlen Riveraپیش سال
  • I’m currently pregnant as well first time and I was nauseous before I found out I was but after I found out i haven’t got morning sickness I’m on my first trimester in a few weeks I’ll be in my second trimester. My boobs got bigger as well lol. I pray you have a healthy pregnancy 💛

    Kassandra CruzKassandra Cruzپیش سال
  • Congratulations to you both 💞 So normal to be nauseous for first trimester. I actually lost almost 20 pounds during my first pregnancy. Gained back by end of pregnancy. Everything worked out baby was fine. Your doctor will tell you when you might need extra nutrition. Via IV therapy or supplements. Take it easy and Felicidades 🎉

    Liliana ReyesLiliana Reyesپیش سال
  • “CALLATE ALEJANDRO” 😂😂😂 I replayed that part at least 900 times

    Xo XoXo Xoپیش سال
  • I’ve never sat down and watched anyone’s channel, let alone WATCH 3 in 1 day. I think you’re due December 25🎄 lol I’m due December 27th💙 I am beyond happy you guys are starting your little family already, you guys are so cute together 😭♥️ i love you guys so much !

    Laura MendozaLaura Mendozaپیش سال
  • Im guessing You’re due December 25 ♥️ Im due December 27th 🥰💙 Im so happy You guys are having a baby together😭♥️ I’ve been waiting for you guys to have a baby, you guys are the cutest couple EVER 😭♥️♥️♥️

    Leilanee LauraLeilanee Lauraپیش سال
  • Feb 14 as due date

    Angie&BlessedAngie&Blessedپیش سال
  • 8 weeks n in Feb

    antoinette duranantoinette duranپیش سال
  • What pills did you use for acne??

    D&C LifeD&C Lifeپیش سال
    • Really hope you reply!!!!🥰🥰🥰🌸

      D&C LifeD&C Lifeپیش سال
  • Can we be friends please?!?!? Estamos en las mismitas :( But I love the fact that im not only going through this! I have all day sickness too , todo me huele mal todo y me da asco. I eat crackers and oranges for my breakfeast and it helps with the nausea. I crave all things that I use to hate before like fast food...anyways hablo mucho im glad our babies will be born around the same time! Holiday babies! I declare it lol. God bless your new season!

    Cynthia AldanaCynthia Aldanaپیش سال
  • Your due date is your birthday 🎂

    Claudia GayClaudia Gayپیش سال
  • our pregnancy’s are kinda linked 😭😭 we kinda feel the same and omgosh i havent told anyone 😭😭

    Cynthia RoseCynthia Roseپیش سال
  • December 31 or January 1st due date?!?!

    Kim HarpelKim Harpelپیش سال
  • Congrats on your pregnancy may god bless your little ❤family 🙏

    Wendy DavilaWendy Davilaپیش سال
  • Today i would have been 20 weeks pregnant i found out i was pregnant i was about 4 weeks positive test and all I announced right that same day and i misscarried my husband told me it was cause i told everyone right away and the bad vibes you know and i thought about it because also with my second pregnancy i did same thing and same thing happened I have 2 kids a 9 yr old and a 1 yr old i didnt find out i was pregnant from them until i was 4 months pregnant

    Wendy DavilaWendy Davilaپیش سال
  • Ask your OBGYN about B6 and if you aren’t against CBD, it helped me a lot just a dab of the oil behind your ear or however you want to apply it.

    Glennis GarciaGlennis Garciaپیش سال
  • I think you’re having a girl and probably due on feb 16th 2020

    Rosa CarrilloRosa Carrilloپیش سال
  • Congratulations to both of you. I think you’re due date is December 31 or January 1st

    vegalunavegalunaپیش سال
  • January 04, 2020 @1pm

    Renee PichetRenee Pichetپیش سال
  • Congrants to the new parents ur going to be excelent think ur due date chrismas eve

    la kocha Mendozala kocha Mendozaپیش سال
  • Due either Christmas or New Year’s Day is my guess! I was due December 25th and she came December 19th 😊 congratulations again super happy for you guys 😭💕💕💕

    Janessa EvansJanessa Evansپیش سال
  • Yes baby girl Yu have the baby glow Yu look beautiful!! Congrats!!

    Jazelle BanuelosJazelle Banuelosپیش سال
  • I have a feeling your due date is December 25 lmaooo idk, I’m so happy for y’all I can’t wait🥰🥰

    Emily RamirezEmily Ramirezپیش سال
  • Awwww cant wait to see your belly and then the baby ♥️ mil felicidades a los dos que hacen una hermosa pareja

    Michelle GaticaMichelle Gaticaپیش سال
  • I think you due date may be February 14 ❤️🤱🏻👶🏻

    daisy ramirezdaisy ramirezپیش سال
  • I have a girl & boy an all what you’re saying sounds like my pregnancy with my son. I could eat wings once a week but when I was pregnant with him no ma’am, always felts sick didn’t want to get outta bed but yes it all comes back after the baby. I see you having a baby girl but from the sounds of it seems like your having a boy. Everyone’s different but from my experience that was my pregnancy days. Congratulations you & Alex are going to be great Parents ♥️

    Amanda AlvearAmanda Alvearپیش سال
  • Girl with my first pregnancy eggs were so nasty to me and I use to like them any type of way now because my first pregnancy I hate them I can't eat them at all. I have two baby girls and baby boy in heaven so like four years still don't like eggs !

    Maria MoralesMaria Moralesپیش سال
  • Vas a tener el bebé en febrero o late January

  • I am so excited for you and Alex 💓💓💓

    matilde garciamatilde garciaپیش سال
  • Is your due date Valentines Day? 🤭🧐😅

    Julie SmithJulie Smithپیش سال
  • With my first daughter I didn't have any nausea but with my second pregnancy I had my whole pregnancy it was horrible

    Stormy CorderoStormy Corderoپیش سال

    EmpanandaEmpanandaپیش سال
  • Before I was pregnant I hated sweets and I got pregnant and started loving them 🤦🏻‍♀️ and after I had her I’m still eating sweets lol 😂

    LifewithLivyLifewithLivyپیش سال
  • Feb 14

    Araceli RodriguezAraceli Rodriguezپیش سال
  • I’m thinking due date Jan 3rd 💖

    clarissa jimenezclarissa jimenezپیش سال
  • If you put a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to smell, it will help with the nausea. It also helps for motion sickness 🤷‍♀️

    Heather NicoleHeather Nicoleپیش سال
  • Hermosa muchísimas felicidades 💕 So happy for you and Alex! You’re going to be an amazing mamasita 💯 love you baby girl 💕

    Genevieve RobledoGenevieve Robledoپیش سال
  • My first trimester I was so nauseous all the time and all food gave me asco 🤮 I’m now 6 months and the nausea went away slightly and I’m able to eat but I HAVE to want it lol and they tell you you get your energy back in the second trimester and I still haven’t gotten any kinds of energies 😭😭

    clarissa jimenezclarissa jimenezپیش سال
  • Due date January 11th

    kelsey schroederkelsey schroederپیش سال
  • 27:11 you really want a girl... you said She ..😆 congratulations excited for you both

    Maria RuelasMaria Ruelasپیش سال
  • She talks to fast 🙄🙄it’s annoying !!! Jk I love Les she’s so cute 🥰her personality is on point 💪🏻

    briana salcedobriana salcedoپیش سال
  • Congratulations girl I think you due date is maybe 01/01/20

    Myruhh CooksMyruhh Cooksپیش سال
  • I think your due date is your birthday ❤️

    Adriana RosalesAdriana Rosalesپیش سال