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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️
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  • Omg..u nailed it in all..u looked super in every creation😍👌

    Kunjal SahuKunjal Sahuپیش 2 ماه
  • Lmao at Kimberly Loaiza 🤣 she did the same intro as her!

    Idalii HernandesssIdalii Hernandesssپیش 3 ماه
  • Kimberly 😍

    Gossip GirlGossip Girlپیش 3 ماه

    Crystal GarciaCrystal Garciaپیش 7 ماه
  • I miss her hair this longgggg😔😍😍

    Leyla GalvanLeyla Galvanپیش 10 ماه
  • Dads

    SuzieeSuzieeپیش 10 ماه
  • aye I'm starting up help me out

    JoeTheThrd 3JoeTheThrd 3پیش 11 ماه
  • I died at 11:45🤣🤣🤣

    lip scrubslip scrubsپیش 11 ماه
  • Les you talk so quick. Slow down lmao😭😂😂

    Ashley GarciaAshley Garciaپیش 11 ماه
  • Shae Mitchell was my fav

    Deborah VasquezDeborah Vasquezپیش 11 ماه
  • She blabs too much like get to the point plz 🤦

    Candice DiazCandice Diazپیش 11 ماه
  • Loved Les that also my babys name

    Jaquelinee SilvaJaquelinee Silvaپیش سال
  • Les, I love them all, u did great!

    Joanna M.Joanna M.پیش سال
  • How did you curl your hair with Facetune tho??? Lmao

    Angela RamirezAngela Ramirezپیش سال
  • You looked amamzing in all of them better than the originals impo 😍😍

    Legendofrobin25Legendofrobin25پیش سال
  • Ladies !!! Am new to IRworld !!! Please help me get to 1k !!!! Go subscribe to my channel !!!

    Vale’s vlogsVale’s vlogsپیش سال
  • Love them all Girl 😍 💕😍

    Diana OchoaDiana Ochoaپیش سال
  • #kimberlyloaiza

    Idk IdkIdk Idkپیش سال
  • Omg Kimberly Loaiza 👑💖

    Lia GonzálezLia Gonzálezپیش سال
  • People say she talks way too fast while I’m here in a 1.5x speed 💀🖤

    ttylemily xttylemily xپیش سال
  • Calvin klane?? Naca

    Anna MarquezAnna Marquezپیش سال
  • Eje

    Monse HernandezMonse Hernandezپیش سال
  • bro I can't understand you you talk waaaay too fast

    Mami MarieMami Marieپیش سال
  • 9:43 u look like my cousin.Bro it seems so easy cuz u look like everyone like in a good way

    Camila PalaciosCamila Palaciosپیش سال
  • So beautiful

    Didi LopezDidi Lopezپیش سال
  • They are all good even the last one girlll❤❤❤I'm new but helloo

    magnolia arnesenmagnolia arnesenپیش سال
  • I had to exit it's just that she talks to much and doesn't get to the point lol

    Chantel WilliamsChantel Williamsپیش سال
  • the omg babe ur blind😭😭😂😂 I FELT THATTTT

    Alondra MendietaAlondra Mendietaپیش سال
  • Why does she talk like she got to go somewhere in a sec like slow the f down i dont under stand

    Armonie WashingtonArmonie Washingtonپیش سال
  • Omg Kimberly was in your video that makes me so happy 😯😍😍

    Vane Navarro ChalchiVane Navarro Chalchiپیش سال
  • Too cute! Second pregnancy I’m definitely doing some recreating myself!

    maria velazquezmaria velazquezپیش سال
  • too many ads :(

    chuy Maciaschuy Maciasپیش سال
  • I didn’t know FaceTune could curl you’re hair😭😂😂

    Nuñez FamNuñez Famپیش سال
  • Alex needs to get LASIK done!

    Melissa GarzaMelissa Garzaپیش سال
  • 3 seconds in my anxiety attack sucked you are talking to fast it's like a verbal strobe light for my ears

    Katie WashingtonKatie Washingtonپیش سال
  • This is so unique! I've never see a youtube have this idea 😍

    Emily HernandezEmily Hernandezپیش سال
  • Nailed it💙

    Yahaira BarriosYahaira Barriosپیش سال
  • Aww u did it. I nailes it

    Yahaira BarriosYahaira Barriosپیش سال
  • I love you Les, but I had to slow it to .75 😂❤️

    Sandy VasquezSandy Vasquezپیش سال
  • Omg I love ur house decorations

    Alanis IdrovoAlanis Idrovoپیش سال
  • You did a really good job. I think your pics were better then the original ones.

    Jasmine Summerson-bellJasmine Summerson-bellپیش سال
  • For Catherine’s picture she isn’t really arched it’s just a shadow if you look closely My favorite was definitely the black dress and yellow cardigan and hat. You look cute with a hat!

    Miriam IbarraMiriam Ibarraپیش سال
  • Esta lindo el cabello

    Alexa RamírezAlexa Ramírezپیش سال
  • You nailed them all 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    The life of ChristinaThe life of Christinaپیش سال
  • 👑

    Ace HardyAce Hardyپیش سال
  • You did so good I think you wanted it identical but i think it looked great!

    cameilecameileپیش سال
  • Well the views are at 666k...666 oop👀

    Michelle RaymundoMichelle Raymundoپیش سال
  • Change the speed to .75

    McMcپیش سال
  • You look like candy from the aguilars

    Karolina JassoKarolina Jassoپیش سال
  • hey! im a new youtuber and a new friend and im glad i found you this is so cute! wow u got almost exactly like the photos

    The Hoopes Family NetworkThe Hoopes Family Networkپیش سال
  • How do you Facetune hair wtf

    Jackie TaboadaJackie Taboadaپیش سال
  • The McDonald's one was the cutest 😙❤️

    monica alcalamonica alcalaپیش سال
  • you like soo muchhh like canddyyy from the aguliar family 😍

    Xunaxich Bautista-SimonXunaxich Bautista-Simonپیش سال
  • You look like candy from the Aguilars !

    britney alvarezbritney alvarezپیش سال
  • Lmao I think i print think you talk fast porque yo tambien soy mexican asfukkk

    @wdlesliee@wdleslieeپیش سال
  • Porfa no hagas cosas de esa vieja de Kimberly loaiza porque luego sus pendejos seguidores van a dicer que sólo buscas su fama

    Evelin ZavalaEvelin Zavalaپیش سال
  • I love bramty

    Calysta RobinsonCalysta Robinsonپیش سال
  • I had to put the volume down to “make her talk slower o less annoying 🙄😂 But I loved the video tho

    Yamileth AguirreYamileth Aguirreپیش سال
  • She talks sooo freakin fast

    Martha RomeroMartha Romeroپیش سال
  • Is it just me or she lowkey looks like Candy from the aguilars family?

    Estrella GarciaEstrella Garciaپیش سال
  • You did a very good job recreating all the pictures.

    keeping it realkeeping it realپیش سال
  • Put ur speed down and it sounds like a normal human

    Ranielle ArringtonRanielle Arringtonپیش سال
  • She talks so fast 🥵

    Daphnie RussellDaphnie Russellپیش سال
  • yo girl 😳😳😳 slow down

    Aiman WaheedAiman Waheedپیش سال
  • AWW they were all cute!! you didnt post the one with the floral dress! loved that dress!

    Evelyn SanchezEvelyn Sanchezپیش سال
  • Your house is so fall vibes

    Margaret FernandoMargaret Fernandoپیش سال
  • Is it just me or does she look kind of look like Candy from the Aguilars? 🤔

    Daisy LomeliDaisy Lomeliپیش سال
    • Looks Exactly like her

      Jocelin SilvaJocelin Silvaپیش 10 ماه
    • Meh

      lip scrubslip scrubsپیش 11 ماه
    • Daisy L YESSSSSSS

      Julissa lizzeteJulissa lizzeteپیش 11 ماه

      adriana paintsadriana paintsپیش سال
    • And sounds like her

      rosibel mirandarosibel mirandaپیش سال
  • Hold up is this candys from the aguilars twin😳!

    Fatima IdkFatima Idkپیش سال
  • Is this candy from the aguilars twin sister

    Maria GalloMaria Galloپیش سال
  • You need to stop girl ahhaha can you talk more slow plzzz

    kozi shpkozi shpپیش سال
  • Lmao Alex 😂 "Hi guys welcome to my channel" 💀😂

    Abigail GuzmanAbigail Guzmanپیش سال
  • Omg I loved them all!! But the last one??? ❤️❤️ you have to have pics like these for your very first baby!! So glad you got these done. Can’t wait to meet Baby G

    Melissa JimenezMelissa Jimenezپیش سال
  • Wtf why do you talk so fast? i had to stop at 13 seconds.

    MADIMADIپیش سال
  • Lol Calvin who ahaha

    Beatriz AcostaBeatriz Acostaپیش سال
  • Love it 😍 so adorable ❤️💕

    nikki owensnikki owensپیش سال
  • Pinchi Alex 😂😂😂

    Sena GonzalezSena Gonzalezپیش سال
  • You talk really fast

    Unique SmithUnique Smithپیش سال
  • Nobody: Alex: “Hi guys welcome to my channel” That had me dead💀

    Desiree CarrascoDesiree Carrascoپیش سال
  • Omg her house in the backround looks sooo beautiful

    emily Hernandezemily Hernandezپیش سال
  • You talk SO FAST

    Kirsten DennyKirsten Dennyپیش سال
  • Loved them all ♥️♥️

    Mackenzie BMackenzie Bپیش سال
  • Alex in the back in the beginning I’m dead 🤣

    Jeremy ktm 87Jeremy ktm 87پیش سال
  • you weird for this

    faviola padillafaviola padillaپیش سال
  • I love it!! The fact that she feels she needs to say “don’t come for me” goes to show you how ugly people on the internet can be. Baby girl keep being you!!! We love you for who you are and no one is here to Judge! Don’t feel like you need to change or be perfect for anyone! You are the realest

    Smiley BebesSmiley Bebesپیش سال
  • Girl just edit the back ground and wallahh you recreated the picture! You look beautiful 💕

    Saraly Perez-SantosSaraly Perez-Santosپیش سال
  • Sharau Amazon lmao

    Jocelyne FragosoJocelyne Fragosoپیش سال
  • She talk to fast bruh ✋🏼💀

    mean grulsmean grulsپیش سال
  • Wow girl u talk so fast lmao 😂

    Aisha and KadenceAisha and Kadenceپیش سال
  • I check your channel for the first time. 3 minutes in.. "she seams nice😊" subscribe 😁😂💕

    fellon mellonfellon mellonپیش سال
  • I honestly don’t know how girls can actually watch her videos. Her voice is so annoying and she talks hella fast. Like breath baby breath is okay no one is hurrying you.

    Lols LamLols Lamپیش سال
  • she reminds me of candy from the aguilars family !!!! 😍😭

    Cassie MarieCassie Marieپیش سال
    • Cassie Marie I was literally just thinking the same thing 😭😭💞

      Chavez Family VlogsChavez Family Vlogsپیش سال
  • just found your channel & i love youuuu already

    Yesenia FloresYesenia Floresپیش سال
  • More slow down 🤣😩 breath

    Ruby AlonzoRuby Alonzoپیش سال
  • She talks way to fast..shes literally triggering my anxiety 😂

    Larissa's Beautiful LifeLarissa's Beautiful Lifeپیش سال
    • True what is she saying??

      my wee owlet's ッmy wee owlet's ッپیش 6 ماه
    • Omg. I thought I was the only one.... I just discovered her channel and I wanna binge watch all her videos!!! But her talking so fast triggers me also 😂😂😂😭😭

      Aly EscobarAly Escobarپیش 11 ماه
    • Omg same girl !!!! Like ugh

      Stephanie CruzStephanie Cruzپیش سال
    • YESSS! same

      Angel MoralesAngel Moralesپیش سال
    • Ashley Plascencia you can slow the video down to where it sounds like she’s talking normal

      Taira LoweTaira Loweپیش سال
  • This video made me realize how FAKE AF most women are with theyre fake ass pix😳 brujeria lmao

    cortezyvonnecortezyvonneپیش سال
  • You look like Glammy feo the aguilars

    Dorian GonzalezDorian Gonzalezپیش سال
  • Omg slow dwn lol

    Julie GarciaJulie Garciaپیش سال
  • Your ugly

    Lia MatuzLia Matuzپیش سال
  • Quit acting pretty you ugky

    Lia MatuzLia Matuzپیش سال
  • My favorite was the last one and the flower dress you slayed all the pictures😍😍😍

    Sonia OrtegaSonia Ortegaپیش سال