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  • He is so cute 🥰

    Veronica VillegasVeronica Villegasپیش 2 ماه
  • Hi les, I love you baby girl merch. Too bad I can buy any they won’t fit me! Unless you have plus sizes? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make plus size.

    Yadira UribeYadira Uribeپیش 3 ماه
  • The wide-eyed fender typically mate because galley intraperitonally harm mid a enchanted wall. well-to-do, mountainous locket

    Mark ReynoldsMark Reynoldsپیش 4 ماه
  • Recently found your page & im obsessed 🥰💕 new subscriber for sure

    Lizzy DLizzy Dپیش 4 ماه
  • Omg I’m rewatching this because baby G is sooo cute!!! Love him so much😍😍🥰🥰♥️♥️♥️😫💙💙💙💕💕

    Adriana AyalaAdriana Ayalaپیش 5 ماه
  • Why is Leslie in underwear and a bra

    ana hernandezana hernandezپیش 7 ماه
  • Awesome Thank You Beautiful For Sharing You And Your Beautiful Family Be Safe 🥰❤️

    Angela TorresAngela Torresپیش 11 ماه
  • catching up on my blogs yall so cute 🥰🥰

    sammsammپیش 11 ماه
  • I’m so so late but any update on the boob tape? lol 😭

    Alicia MadayagAlicia Madayagپیش 11 ماه
  • Yeah

    SheepSheepپیش سال
  • My 4yo and 3mo have me playing les videos lol the 4yo keeps saying I wanna watch another one of those lol

    Jessica MedranoJessica Medranoپیش سال
  • Omg I loved the video especially because we saw lots of baby G 💙💙💙#quecute

    Heather GonzalesHeather Gonzalesپیش سال
  • When will Vanity raeda be re stocked ?

    Anahi VAnahi Vپیش سال
  • please start filming makeup videos again!!!!💖

    Talk NowTalk Nowپیش سال
  • Coming back to this video to show my little sister that is only 6 years old the face brush I bought and well Lea was taking off her make up my sister said she is pretty without make up and yes I agree we love you Les

    Money Queen MayraMoney Queen Mayraپیش سال
  • Baby G is so cute my mom loves watching u videos

    Allison RomeroAllison Romeroپیش سال
  • 😂 he is a mandilón I’m dead

    Maribel A RMaribel A Rپیش سال
  • 2:06 “i thought you thought they were sexy”🥺😂

    ale ruizale ruizپیش سال
  • I LOVEEEEEE how Alex is talking to baby G at 19:15 melt my heart 😭🥺

    Jessica EspinozaJessica Espinozaپیش سال
  • What’s the name of the coat rack on amazon ?

    Lori MartinezLori Martinezپیش سال
  • OMG baby g is too cute I love his smiles & laughs 💙

    Maxine Young RouletteMaxine Young Rouletteپیش سال
  • I don’t have a baby so i never get to get those things but i Just ordered the face cleanser! Can’t wait to try it

    Kayla BrownKayla Brownپیش سال
  • He's the sweetest. 💙 💙🌹

    LindaLindaپیش سال
  • He's the sweetest. 💙 💙🌹

    LindaLindaپیش سال
  • He's the sweetest. 💙 💙🌹

    LindaLindaپیش سال
  • Lmao we use the same formula

    Rosa GarciaRosa Garciaپیش سال
  • How pretty is this little precious baby

    Toni CoriToni Coriپیش سال
  • sooooooooooooooooo cute!

    Miriam SMiriam Sپیش سال
  • Baby G is so calm omg he’s so adorable 😍

    Stephanie CortezStephanie Cortezپیش سال
  • Aww:) you’re baby is super adorable!! You guys look like y’all have the hang of being new parents

    Toby GonzalezToby Gonzalezپیش سال

    Sndjdj loveeeSndjdj loveeeپیش سال
  • Les im a mom of 2, i have 1 1/2 year old and a 4 month old baby for lotions just like you give us good recommendations i want to give you one Lotions try: Aveno lavender - it calms them after a shower especially @ night Dove- really just as long as is for babies its very hydrating (there is a nighttime one which smells and relaxes them too scent chamomile and lavender) Pañales try: Huggies little movers- they are more comfortable a mi parecer de todos los Huggies que yo tratado son los que mas me gustan.

    Sujey BrionesSujey Brionesپیش سال
  • 🤣😂🤣😁🤣😂🎵🎶🎼🎵🎶Do tour Boobs hang low, do they wobble to the floor....hahahahaha!!! And Alex showing his wardrobe malfunction hahahaha!

    Rose HernándezRose Hernándezپیش سال
  • Alex was like lord I was just getting warmed up lmao

    MakeupbyDreamer #DreamdollsMakeupbyDreamer #Dreamdollsپیش سال
  • Omg I need one of those face brushes I would t mind doing this routine before bed lol

    MakeupbyDreamer #DreamdollsMakeupbyDreamer #Dreamdollsپیش سال
  • I love you and everything but I'm tired of these baby videos

    wesleywesleyپیش سال
  • Party with the boys girls play those games too 👀

    90sBaebee90sBaebeeپیش سال
  • 8:15 😂🤣😂🤣 Les:when we feeling a little bit wild” Alex reaction: priceless Married life with kids lmfaooooo

    Jamie Abner HernandezJamie Abner Hernandezپیش سال
  • the irworld.info/show/fy-lm-h-y/aqWBrK5sjbtmk8w.html prophecy , it will change how you see life and the future.

    Unknown UnknownUnknown Unknownپیش سال
  • Her skin cleared up alot

    Danijela HokicDanijela Hokicپیش سال
  • I just noticed les in her underwear in the shower door reflection when alex is about to hop in the shower lmao😂😂😂😂

    Ania RodriguezAnia Rodriguezپیش سال
  • alex : they look like some granny underwear les : yeah... they are my grandma underwear.. two seconds later i thought u thought they were sexy! mehhh!!!!!!

  • Hi he is soooooooooooooo cute and I love your chanle

    Trina RemedyTrina Remedyپیش سال
  • Yay!! So excited to use my raedia facial cleansing system you recommend!!! 😊🐰bunny ears too!!

    mgranados8683mgranados8683پیش سال
  • Baby G is so cute!!! Shout out from Dallas Texas!! We love you guys!!

    Maria MarquezMaria Marquezپیش سال
  • Sometimes when we’re feeling a little bit wild we go to the room at 12 😂😂😂

    Bianca RosasBianca Rosasپیش سال
  • Les do a video on your purses, luggage and shoes!

    lillyg101lillyg101پیش سال
  • You both are doing such an amazing job with your baby! Routine is so important and yoy guys are on it. So happy for you guys

    Mommy of TwoMommy of Twoپیش سال
  • When does Les new merch come out??

    Erica ContrerasErica Contrerasپیش سال
  • You should name your channel G.A.L. for Gael, Alex and Leslie ❤👶🏻 love you guys! Thanks for always letting us into your routines and experiences as new parents ❤

    Denisse OrellanaDenisse Orellanaپیش سال
  • That scratch 😬😆

    Jimena LaraJimena Laraپیش سال
  • What’s your foundation color we have the same skin color.

    Kenya FloresKenya Floresپیش سال
  • Porque no le pones una camisetita under his outfit para que asi esté cómodo

    Oralia MezaOralia Mezaپیش سال
  • Baby looks just like his beautiful momma 💗

    Genine MirandaGenine Mirandaپیش سال
  • That babygirl black outfit is a NEED and WANT! 😩😍

    Marlene EstradaMarlene Estradaپیش سال
  • Baby G is soooo cute af.

    Janeth QuirosJaneth Quirosپیش سال
  • Does anyone know where she got the boob tape ?

    Maria SilvaMaria Silvaپیش سال
  • I want to see the pictures in the hall way

    Sharon Lee MunizSharon Lee Munizپیش سال
  • I love how fast les talks 😂

    Maritza TiradoMaritza Tiradoپیش سال
  • mean while alex is over here tripping about a nike check he is hidding im over here wearing Adidas sweats with Nike shoes lmao nooooooooooo

    Agustina AAgustina Aپیش سال
  • I Noticed Alex doesn’t really post lot on his YT , it would be nice too see how he plays fortnite, idk but I love watching my man play fortnite on his PS4 and when he watches other ytubers live stream , my kid does too

    Gabby V. FloresGabby V. Floresپیش سال
  • O-M-BABY G ....He is literally the cutest little one! Les and Alex are the best parents!

    Candace BartlowCandace Bartlowپیش سال
  • Que Lindo god bless

    Jesennia MaasJesennia Maasپیش سال
  • I love your sweater!

    Jay GreenJay Greenپیش سال
  • Where do you order your lashes from

    Alma SantanaAlma Santanaپیش سال
  • OMG baby Gael is sooo CUTE!!! BABY G !!!💕💕💕

    Valerie SilvaValerie Silvaپیش سال
  • She talks so fast

    Priscilla ValenzuelaPriscilla Valenzuelaپیش سال
  • Hey baby girls my girls just posted their first IRworld video! (Its a kids channel) but any and all support if greatly appreciated

    Mel-Mia&Lynn SistersMel-Mia&Lynn Sistersپیش سال
  • Such a beautiful family , keep up the great work 💗💗💗

    Toni AnnetteToni Annetteپیش سال
  • You talk so fast lol, I’ve been watching your videos on play back speed 0.75x lol

    Monie VMonie Vپیش سال
  • I swear u look a million times prettier without the makeup and lashed and ur natural brows

    Kay JKay Jپیش سال
  • Baby G is the cutest! Esta pa comérselo 😍😍😍 that little belly is adorable . Dios lo bendiga. Cosita hermosa ❤️❤️❤️

    Kiara RiveraKiara Riveraپیش سال
  • Que hermoso esta tu bebe😍😍😍😍😍

    Manuela MarquezManuela Marquezپیش سال
  • Where do you buy those pills ???

    Esmie GarciaEsmie Garciaپیش سال
  • I love all of your vlogs!!! I think your the only channel whose comments didn't get demonized like some of the other people from Miami.

    Olivia CoronaOlivia Coronaپیش سال
  • Your teeth look soooo good!

    Karen DoumerKaren Doumerپیش سال
  • Your son is so adorable and cute 😍

    Deysy Zapien LopezDeysy Zapien Lopezپیش سال
  • Never had a favorite IRworld family until now. Good vibes that just flow 🙌🏽 Beautiful familia 💕

    Ms. JMs. Jپیش سال
  • Hola Saludos it’s nice 👍 u guys get to spend alot of time w ur Baby 👶. Enjoy y Bendiciones love ❤️ u guys 😘😘😘😘😘.

    Norma MarquezNorma Marquezپیش سال
  • 2.3k viewers? Don’t people have better things to do??

    c714dc714dپیش سال
  • Favorites❤️❤️❤️

    Kaliah ReeseKaliah Reeseپیش سال
  • "yeah its a boring part but you got me pregnant" lmaooo ay leslie jaja

    youlissayoulissaپیش سال
  • ♥️♥️♥️

    valeria Castillovaleria Castilloپیش سال
  • To cute love the video he’s so adorable 😍

    linda medinalinda medinaپیش سال
  • 20:49 you guys are such a cute family. ❤️❤️ much love from Florida .

    J C - D I A ZJ C - D I A Zپیش سال
  • Baby G looks soo adorable!!!

    Guadalupe PinaGuadalupe Pinaپیش سال
  • Out of all things, I love your robe, where can I get one??

    Sabrina LucasSabrina Lucasپیش سال
  • Where’s your vata from the blush pink vata lol

    Denise PradoDenise Pradoپیش سال
  • I was laughing throughout the whole video 😂💛

    Ana RosalesAna Rosalesپیش سال
  • Baby g is soooo beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    yaritza mendozayaritza mendozaپیش سال
  • Hey les can You give a shout out to Vallejo ca you have supporters out here for you lol we love you

    family always togetherfamily always togetherپیش سال
  • Leslie and Alex let me fix your shower struggle lol there’s floor mats that are paper thin flat and they are non slip so they really don’t move around the whole floor too.. well from how thin it is you’ll be able to open your door and still have that rug to step into find them on Amazon 😁 I’ll link you it on IG

    Denise PradoDenise Pradoپیش سال
  • Alex is me not wanting to wear Adidas with Nike!😩😭❤️❤️😂😂

    Lizzy GuerreroLizzy Guerreroپیش سال

    gloria Perezgloria Perezپیش سال

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  • aww k hermoso bebe tienen! I WANT A BABY :(

    Patito !Patito !پیش سال
  • Ugh Gael is adorable! I want him! 😍😍😍😍

    Erika RamonErika Ramonپیش سال
  • This is definitely better than a boring voice over! I also just bought the vanity brush using your promo code!!!! Thanks!!!!

    Cynthia RosalesCynthia Rosalesپیش سال
  • What's the link for hangover pills? 😁

    Amy LoveAmy Loveپیش سال
  • Is the Comotomo bottles good what flow do you use?

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