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2019 14 اوت
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Hi babygirls! Thank you so much for watching and for supporting! I LOVE YOU!! ❤️❤️
Shop my lippie collection here ➡️
Please note that if you cancel before your first renewal, you will be charged a non-member fee of $7 since the exclusive member pricing is only for Glammers who are apart of our KissMe Club!
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  • please re-launch them soon!!!! 😱😱😭😭💕💕 i couldn’t buy them when they launched 😭😭😭

    The Ramos Flores FamilyThe Ramos Flores Familyپیش 5 ماه
  • Is it lipgloss or liquid lipsticks? New subscriber here. Great video

    Susanne GyllengårdSusanne Gyllengårdپیش 5 ماه
  • Babygirl bring back this collection pleaseeeeeeee I lost babymama 😢😢

    Ivon HernandezIvon Hernandezپیش 10 ماه
  • i want to purchase

    Nikki GalvezNikki Galvezپیش 10 ماه
  • Hi beautiful I recently discovered your channel acouple weeks ago I love your videos your so beautiful love your personality I’ve been watching all your videos trying to catch up lol and I’m watching all your lives on Facebook &. twitter and instagram

    Maria OchoaMaria Ochoaپیش سال
  • Make a video on how we can learn to make a product and sell....

    Monica GarciaMonica Garciaپیش سال
  • Hey les my gf loves your channel i dont know nothing about make up but would like to get her some of your product as a gift to her

    fernando poncefernando ponceپیش سال
  • Girllllll you talk to fasttttttttt 🤪

    Elizabeth LinaresElizabeth Linaresپیش سال
  • hello?👀 anybody here selling Les’ lippies!?😭😍😍😍 LET ME KNOOOW!

    Arlene LopezArlene Lopezپیش سال
  • I love you Les ❤️ I have my own channel and I just made my first video. I would really appreciate it if you would support me ❤️ Love Nani 💛

    NaniiNaniiپیش سال
  • I wish I could do my make-up like you. You seriously are awesome 👏🏻

    Claud AdamsClaud Adamsپیش سال
  • My first time that i signed up for a monthly subscription and i cant wait to get my lippies i love watching your snaps,youtube and instagram post.

    Blanca CordovaBlanca Cordovaپیش سال
  • What’s the code to get discount?

    Mercedes ReynaMercedes Reynaپیش سال
  • Baby G is my favorite color! Wish you’d bring back your first collection back so I can get it! 💕💕💕

    Lupe AguilarLupe Aguilarپیش سال
  • These are too cute I def need them

    Hannah OlcottHannah Olcottپیش سال
  • Just placed my order, so excited 🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️

    Reyna RubyReyna Rubyپیش سال
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Yolie P SalinasYolie P Salinasپیش سال
  • I can’t wait for the lippies to arrive 😭💕

    sauceee.sauceee.پیش سال
  • Just joined and will be receiving my lippies soon 😊 so exited !!!!!

    Diana SoteloDiana Soteloپیش سال
  • Did any one notice her retainers estan manchados de lipstick !? 😂 ❤️

    Lizbeth SalasLizbeth Salasپیش سال
  • LOVE 🥰🔥🥰YOU 🤰🏼BABY GIRL 🥰🔥🥰

    Brenda NievesBrenda Nievesپیش سال
  • Love 💙💙💙💙💙

    Amanda OrtizAmanda Ortizپیش سال
  • Lol it’s funny, cause I think the 2 pink tone are everyday and the brown is BOLD lol

    Alma MartinezAlma Martinezپیش سال
  • I just purchased mine I’m excited I can’t wait!!!!!!!

    Monica TowersMonica Towersپیش سال
  • I can’t wait to get my lippies❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Vanessa LanderosVanessa Landerosپیش سال
  • These lip colors are beautiful 😍

    Andrea TorresAndrea Torresپیش سال
  • I love you lesssss ❤️❤️❤️

    Zapata LesZapata Lesپیش سال
  • Oh you do still film make up🤔 lol

    stephani garcia clementsstephani garcia clementsپیش سال
  • Just ordered my set of 👄 💄❤️

    Melissa RodriguezMelissa Rodriguezپیش سال
  • I thought I was trippin when you said Mia on your live video lol... I was waiting for Alex to pop in and correct you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Yesenia MorenoYesenia Morenoپیش سال
  • So proud of you, best wishes on all your Endeavors

    TrishasJunkJournalsTrishasJunkJournalsپیش سال
  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Nana lopezNana lopezپیش سال
  • You should do a reacting to your first video btw luv u 💖

    TAA AAJTAA AAJپیش سال
  • Love the Colors🥰

    Dayanara trujanoDayanara trujanoپیش سال
  • Congrats for your new collection, the colors are soo pretty! 😍 Te mereces todo el éxito, you're one of the beauty influencers that motivated me to start with my makeup tutorials on FB and IG💕

    YareM BeautyYareM Beautyپیش سال
  • New subscriber came from the Us always fam!!!! Love the makeup 💄 !!!

    Iris MirandaIris Mirandaپیش سال
  • Has she always had braces? I’ve never noticed lol

    Got EemGot Eemپیش سال
  • The G stands for gangster 😂😂

    Destiny FloresDestiny Floresپیش سال
  • I ordered them yesterday! I can’t wait to get them!!!! I am loving this Love Collection.

    Felicita DelgadoFelicita Delgadoپیش سال
  • I hope my channel get to many subscribers as yours i love you so much 🥰💕🥰💕

    Natiely HernandezNatiely Hernandezپیش سال
  • Baby gangster 😂 I can’t brother

    Evelyn SaucedoEvelyn Saucedoپیش سال
  • your colors... beautiful ☺️💕

    Ernestina MendezErnestina Mendezپیش سال
  • Just ordered them and so excited to get them baby girl ❤️❤️❤️

    Guadalupe TorresGuadalupe Torresپیش سال
  • My sister already ordered her the day you came it out she is getting it now 😂

    Leslie PesquedaLeslie Pesquedaپیش سال
  • Ordered Them Today.. Can’t wait to get them 😃😃♥️♥️ Love you BBG

    MarisolMarisolپیش سال
  • You're cute and everything but I will not be buying your lipstick collection to me it's just a waste of money lol so no thank you😍😊

    Karina GarciaKarina Garciaپیش سال
  • I ordered my lippies today!! I saw something about a bonus shade. How do I get that?

    Jeannette HarbesonJeannette Harbesonپیش سال
  • Mia 😂😂 it's M.I.A lol

    Fabulous .17Fabulous .17پیش سال
  • Can’t wait to get mine

    Mari SolacheMari Solacheپیش سال
  • Already ordered! 💕 love you!

    Moni CMoni Cپیش سال
  • WAS ABLE TO PURCHASE THE LIPPIES 😍❤️ CANNOT WAIT!!! I wish I was able to get your palette though 😢

    Briana AkerBriana Akerپیش سال
    • Briana Aker please check out my cosmetic line Glamour by Kty G and my website is Thank you for your support 💖

      Glamour by Kty GGlamour by Kty Gپیش سال
  • Girl your makeup 😍😍

    xo Mariexo Marieپیش سال
  • can i still get the lippies tomorrow for 19.99 if i become a member ?

    Ashley AquinoAshley Aquinoپیش سال
    • Yes, Babygirl! You can order the lippies here 💋💋

      LiveGlamLiveGlamپیش سال
  • Finally getting some of your lippies 😍 I got pay tomorrow friday I had to get my moms money 🙊

    Denise MontesDenise Montesپیش سال
  • You talk super fast 😩

    Jess AguilarJess Aguilarپیش سال
  • Can’t wait for my lippies to come in LES 💄💖🥰 Congrats

    Vero HernandezVero Hernandezپیش سال
  • I thought shipping was free?

    Ashley CooperAshley Cooperپیش سال
    • Hey Babygirl! Free shipping is only for new subscribers who chose the Love Collection as their first set. Per usual, our Shop shipping prices vary based on products order, location, and whether or not you are an active member. Sorry for the confusion, but we appreciate your understanding! 💋💋

      LiveGlamLiveGlamپیش سال
  • Absolutely love the lippies. I will be doing a giveaway on my channel. It may or maynot be a LesDoMakeup product.😉 When i reach 50 subs i will do the drawing.

    Vida de AmaMeVida de AmaMeپیش سال
  • Mia.. LMAO!! You're so cute girl.. only you can get away with saying that.. but it's actually M.I.A

    kitty brioneskitty brionesپیش سال
  • Beautiful shades!! I’m so excited to receive my lippies ❤️ btw your nails are so cute!!

    Karina TurrubiateKarina Turrubiateپیش سال
  • Vlex you are slacking with correcting her!! Lol please tell her it's not, "MIA"

    Yoselin ValenciaYoselin Valenciaپیش سال
  • Babygirl you weren’t looking at the camera! Congrats on all your success though, you deserve it! 💗💗

    Ashley RosalesAshley Rosalesپیش سال
  • Got them 🎉

    Diana NietoDiana Nietoپیش سال
  • She’s so natural love her she’s real She says it how it comes out lol

    sandy6500sandy6500پیش سال
  • Who was able to get the lippies today???!!! I DID!!! 😊👌🏽🙌🏽💄😘

    Diana CamachoDiana Camachoپیش سال
  • Tell me why I remember the photo shoot you did in liveglam studio and it was the one for your lippies 😩

    Yosmara ReyesYosmara Reyesپیش سال
  • Ordered mine ! Super excited 😊

    Kristy RodriguezKristy Rodriguezپیش سال
  • B A B Y M O M M A 🌸

    Jackie NJackie Nپیش سال
  • Bought your lippies!! I want your first collection tho😭😭😭

    Veyda HawjVeyda Hawjپیش سال
  • I love the baby mama color

    Patsy BellahPatsy Bellahپیش سال
  • So members dont get free shipping but new members do get free shipping?

    Cindy VitalCindy Vitalپیش سال
    • Hey Babygirl! Free shipping is only for new subscribers who chose the Love Collection as their first set. Per usual, our Shop shipping prices vary based on products order, location, and whether or not you are an active member. Sorry for the confusion, but we appreciate your understanding! 💋💋

      LiveGlamLiveGlamپیش سال
  • Just purchased and I am sooo excited!! 🤩💋

    LSD ALSD Aپیش سال
  • Just purchased and I am sooo excited!! 🤩💋

    LSD ALSD Aپیش سال
  • Just purchased and I am sooo excited!! 🤩💋

    LSD ALSD Aپیش سال
  • Hahaha M. I. A. 😂😂😂😂 love you Les 😂

    Aramie MezaAramie Mezaپیش سال
  • How long does it take to arrive to the house?

    MiriamMiriamپیش سال
    • Hi Babygirl! We ship out within 2 business days. You should be enjoying your lippies soon! 💋💋

      LiveGlamLiveGlamپیش سال
  • Your sooo beautiful Les, we need more people like you in this cruel world😘🤗

    Jeannette CurbeloJeannette Curbeloپیش سال

  • The sweetest influencer ever!!! Love your little family already!❤️😘

    Priscilla OlivarezPriscilla Olivarezپیش سال
  • Babby D is too dark for me but will still try to get 'em 🤓

    Ana GabriellaAna Gabriellaپیش سال
  • Can’t wait ❤️

    Jessica AlmaguerJessica Almaguerپیش سال
  • I love u les your the best keep your head up girl u r doing a great job beautiful

    Nelly WalkerNelly Walkerپیش سال
  • drinking while pregnant...

    rose esswrose esswپیش سال
  • Finally smart chick you came out with something we all can wear he’ll yes I’m getting this!

    17716 Mia17716 Miaپیش سال
  • Every time I watch you love I have this song in my head... SLOW DOWN!! Lol. Morning beautiful lady you look so good and you’re GLOWING!!!! 💋💋💋

    17716 Mia17716 Miaپیش سال
  • So excited to get your collection of lippies babygirl 💋❤💄

    veronica floresveronica floresپیش سال
  • Super excited to order this collab💕

    Brittany PaganBrittany Paganپیش سال
  • She should bring her last lippie collection BAK!!! ❤️❤️🙏🏼✨

    Berenice MezaBerenice Mezaپیش سال
  • Can’t wait to get the lippies!!

    Lucinda RamirezLucinda Ramirezپیش سال
  • HEY BABYGIRL ❤️❤️❤️

    RecksyRecksyپیش سال
  • Im becoming a member 😊

    Michelle DiazMichelle Diazپیش سال
  • She talks so fast I can’t keep up

    Yasmin HusseinYasmin Husseinپیش سال
  • I cant wait bbg ❤️❤️❤️

    Nereyda AguilarNereyda Aguilarپیش سال

    Becky FloresBecky Floresپیش سال
  • Just by watching your video i ran out of air at the en I took a deep breath

    Angelica VenegasAngelica Venegasپیش سال
  • Cant wait for your lippies 💄💄

    nancy vivanconancy vivancoپیش سال
  • Commercial vibes af 😂💕 I'm so proud of you Les 💕💕💕💕

    The Beautiful World Of LeslieThe Beautiful World Of Leslieپیش سال
  • Two of the three colors are similar to the last collaboration. Was looking forward to something different but I did love those two shades on the first collection. I sold the super dark shade cuz it was just not for me. 🤗

    Samantha TrujilloSamantha Trujilloپیش سال
  • You look like a ganstaaaa with this look my favorite thug momma

    Nanci RubioNanci Rubioپیش سال
  • You talk so fast lol I feel like I talk the same way 🤦😂

    ApolloApolloپیش سال